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I am sitting in the South Campus Dining Hall, which sits right next to the English building, where I've spent tons of time the last four semesters. However, this is the first time I've ever been here - I had no idea this place existed, and its HUGE! I don't get it. Its almost time for me to graduate and I'm starting to wonder about all the opportunities and offerings that Maryland had to give me that I never knew about or didn't take. Its kind of sad, but I kind of just want to get out of here and never look back.

Maybe I'll feel differently about my alma mater later in life, but for right now, I'm okay with hating it. Its putting me in debt. Its made me no kinds of social life or friends. Its giving me a degree that may not be able to do anything for me, and its all because of bureaucracy and stupid shit like that.

I don't hate my school, but I kind of hate that I don't like it, or don't feel like I'll miss it more when I'm gone.

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Keli Anaya said...

I'm pretty sure that everyone feels like they didn't take full advantage of their higher education. There's just not enough time or foresight to appreciate what one does in college. At least you learned...