Rock of Love Bus: Episode 6


Oh, Jennifer - you were gone before we even got the chance to get to know you - but something tells me that we're not missing much. Either you were really lame or you'll get fifteen more minutes on one of the Charm School/I Love Money spin-offs. Bon voyage, bitch!

My top 4 are still in play.

PS: Did any one else find it odd that Bret pretended that sensitivity was the reason he sent her off? And what the fuck is Brittanya's deal? That bitch needs to cough up some lingo before Bret realizes he likes girls who don't talk.



Mr. Ryan said...

can you PUHHLEEEASEE just tell me what you see in beverly?! because i am not getting it. haha and keli keeps saying that you and i are really like best friends already.

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

I mean, if I could change my vote, I'd probably omit Farrah and Kelsey and inject Mindy and Taya, but these were the picks from the first episode. I still think that Beverly is money, though - she is an ACTUAL fan of his music, and she's started to slut it up in recent episodes (I mean, did you see her outfit last week? Yikes!)

And yes - you and I will be having weekly celeb-reality nights when you are back in DC, I will have Keli know.