Craigslist: a series

My hero! This week's posting of the week was in the m4m section. I usually try to avoid that portion of Craigslist because of its raunchiness and because of the general skankery that happens there, but this post was actually quite cute. This would definitely go in the "aww" category.


You attacked my mugger! - m4m - 31 (dupont )
Date: 2008-12-15, 9:41PM EST

I can't even begin to thank you! I was being mugged and u ran up and
pulled him off, chased him down and knocked him out! U left me with your dogs
came back, called the police and told them where to find him... You left him unconscience too!
its been several weeks and I can't stop thinking about you. You came back pulled
me to my feet and left in a flash with your dogs. Who are you? I've seen you at jr's
but not in a long time. I would like to thank you! You commented on my accent, tell me where
I'm from so I know its you.

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