Stripper Update

Headache central. Although finals are [almost] over, my stress level has not gone down one bit. My final test will probably be one of my hardest (next to that skanky Asian-American film class that I took), and I'm just ready to put it all behind me. This semester blew more than Natasha in that porno flick. Between getting a new roommate (Kevin's moving out) and getting ready for San Francisco, I feel like I'm totally unprepared for everything.

I can't stress about everything, though. Things are kind of lame-ass right now, but they won't always be, right? I have so much to look forward to - so many good things approaching. And between that blueberry bagel and the organic yogurt I just ate, I had this glorious thought of sitting in Dolores Park with my BFFs in San Francisco, drinking beer and listening to music.

Last week when Nati was off to San Francisco, I told her we should just go and never come back. I think she knew I was joking, and wishes I wasn't. But I'm not sure if I was joking entirely.

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