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"Moderation. Everything in moderation."

This is something my dad always said, and something that I find myself coming back to almost every day of my life. I'm a man who loves to obsess, to indulge, and I always have to reflect on childhood lessons to ensure that I don't fall into holes. I think that out of all the lessons my dad taught me, I use this one the most. I think its so incredibly important to live a balanced, "whole" life, if that makes sense. When you give in to one thing, it consumes you.

Another one I've found myself always quoting is "everything happens for a reason," which, according to "Sex and the City," is something that only desperate women in their thirties say. However, my dad is in his fifties, and his wisdom has to have some value, right? I think I last used this one a few days ago to my sister when we were having dinner and drinks at the Heights. We have no control over the course our lives take, but what should happen, will happen. It makes a lot of sense to me, and even if we can't understand why shit goes down, it always goes down the way it SHOULD go down, whether we like it or not.

The third lesson that I use frequently that my dad always taught me when I was growing up was to show initiative. Don't wait for things to be done, just do them. People really appreciate when you do things without having to be told, and although I'm not the best at this just yet, its something that I always aspire to.

Anyway, don't know where this came from. I had a long phone conversation with my dad last night and I guess I really miss him. Can't wait - San Francisco in 12 days!

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