Charm School 3: Episode 1

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What the French, toast?! A new season of Charm School is in session, this time with Ricki Lake as headmistress, and girls from both Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love. AM-azing! Ridiculously good.

Hair pulling? Name calling? Cartoon voices? Trannies? Stripper heels? Charity? Not one, but two (count 'em, two!) beaver shots? A "what the French?!"?! The Blondetourage "handshake"? Double elimination? This episode couldn't get any better! With two dead-weight deans (I'm sorry, but hosting TRL OR Loveline does not make you qualified to be a dean), Ricki is going to have her ass handed to her! I can't wait to see it happen!

Oh, Beverly was eliminated for grabbing, and allegedly "punching" Brittaney Star's head, yanking out some of her weave, to which Brittaney responds [regarding her hair], "Like, it's my favorite thing about me!" This was one of the biggest WTF moments to me, because her hair is friggin' awful - but it figures that nothing else on her body does it for. Those booby implants are no longer paying for themselves, are they?

Gia was eliminated at the REAL expulsion ceremony a-la Courtney - AKA, for getting too wasted on the first day of Charm School. You know, if they keep sending girls home for getting drunk, they maybe should remove the pool-side bar from the house. Just sayin'. Its kind of like giving a manic depressive a gun and telling them to cheer up.

Anyway, twelve girls remain, but the way they all hate each other, I'm guessing its going to be a short season.


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