DC to SF

Another year anniversary in DC is about to come up, putting the total count to two - the amount of time I signed on for here on the east coast, but now, it seems like the end is nowhere in sight. What happened? Where did all the time go? Where did the thrill of moving somewhere new dissipate to? Last year, to celebrate the occasion, I wrote an article about the similarities and differences of DC, in terms of food, culture and opportunity. This year, I won't be so ambitious.

In DC, depending on the time of year, dozens of different animals can be smashed on the sidewalk or road - from roaches, to rats, to squirrels and possums. I've seen it all.

In San Francisco, those animals take over the cars. In San Francisco, people and bicyclists create road kill out of vehicles.

In DC, everyone smokes. People take long drags on cigarettes and spit the smoke in your face.

In San Francisco, they blow kisses. And its illegal to smoke everywhere, even in your own car.

In DC, rain does not guarantee cool weather or warm weather, thunder or sleet. In DC, at any moment, any time of the year, the sky can suddenly darken with clouds and fill the streets with streams in the gutters.

In San Francisco, a rainy day is always cold. A rainy day always hangs around, stagnant like the fog it burns behind.

In DC, I've never loved my life, my friends, working a brunch shift more than at any time I did in San Francisco. I always have loved my life, my friends, and everything I do back when I was a Californian, and maybe its all just maturity, but things are so great here.

In San Francisco, everything lies in the past. In DC, everything is present, but not future, not for long. I'm caught in the middle, I don't know where I'm going, but I won't fight the current, and I won't worry about where it leads. Lets just go and see where we wind up, okay?

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