Stripper Update

Had a blast last night with my new bffs, Ryan and Keli. I went to Commonwealth rather early and had a couple of beers with Steve, and also indulged in some soft shell crab and grilled squid. Ryan and Keli came over then, and I recommended some really shitty beer to them, and got myself one as well.


Afterwards, we went to the store, bought some margarita mix and some tequila, then made a bunch of food and gave each other neck tats. Its pretty sweet being a Mexican, sometimes.

In any case, that marked the last of sloppy nights for me, at least for a little bit. I really need to focus on school - making flashcards, writing papers, and studying for exams. Its two weeks to the day before I show up back in San Francisco, so I need to make it count!

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