Wizard of Oz Versus Pink Floyd

So, you know all those rumors/urban legends about how Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" synchs up eerily with Hollywood and technicolor classic "The Wizard of Oz?" I heard about this legend as far back as middle school, but always thought it was just a rumor. Last night, however, it occured to me that someone had probably synched it up and made it happen on Youtube already, which THEY DID!

And guess what? Its very, very creepy.

Check it out for yourself. In this first part of six, notice how, as Dorothy balances on the fence over the pigpen, the words, "Balanced on the biggest wave you race towards an early grave." When Syd Barrett sings "early grave," Dorothy falls into the pit.

Also, at 2:46 when Barrett sings "Don't leave me," Dorothy walks away.

The tempo synchs up as well. What other weird parallels do you notice?

Below the cut you'll find the last five installments. If you only have time/patience to watch one, watch 3 or 5. Amazing.

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