Money Saved

I'm a really bad saver! But I've managed to hold on to some of my cash that I've made so far and put it into the bank for Berlin. So much to prepare for, so much to do, so little time left. I'm really excited about it, but for the first time in maybe two years, I actually have free time. I want to catch up on video games and on sleep and on books. I don't want to work.

So I've been kind of half-assing my search for a second job, claiming that none of the jobs will work. For the most part, this is true. I don't want to pick up an office job or something legit if I'm only going to quit after a month of working there. I don't mind doing that to a restaurant, what with all the high turnover, but I don't want to screw Commonwealth over, either. I want to be able to work only daytimes and have it be pretty chill and drama-free. Maybe I'm shooting for the stars.

In any case, I have tons to do today and I probably shouldn't be blogging, but I couldn't care less. I feel like time for slacking off is running out. I need to enjoy it before its all gone.

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