Stripper Update

I've been pretty good, I guess. The second to the last week of school is rapping up, and, after a great birthday weekend (that kind of bled into this week), I'm feelings ready to end with a bang. Yeah, that's right - a gunshot to the head.

No, not really. The weather is surprisingly good today, I'm on top of all my homework, and I have plans with my friends this evening, which is something that I look forward to more than is probably healthy.

Trying not to stress over the little things has helped me a ton to be happier in my life. Money, school, love? None of them are an issue right now, if only because I know things will work out in the end. Its kind of like my version of "everything happens for a reason," which is something my dad always says. But its true. What will be will be, and you can't stress over the little things.

I try not to, anymore.

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