Thoughts of the Day

Graduation. Graduating. Finally.

The final day has come, and I'm more freaked out than ever. I never thought I'd be scared about graduating, about my uncertain future the same way lots of people are afraid. I like letting life surprise me - I like winding up in places where I didn't think I'd be. Maybe this is why I have such an unhealthy affinity for dive bars.

But I'm scared. Its the same fear that has occurred for every semester at Maryland - maybe because I hadn't secured a loan at that time, or I was worried about a grade in one class, or I was stressed because it only meant more work or less money over the summer. I don't know. This time it is because of one stupid class, and one stupid grade that could keep me here another semester. Yuck.

But whatever the case, I'm so close that I can brush my fingers on it with my fingertips. It feels smooth and cold - but not a bad cold. Like a paleta on a summer day. Like the empty pillow lying next to you as you drift off to sleep.

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