Thoughts of the Day

Yesterday I bought a brand new Casio, which is super exciting. I also finished moving into my new room, had dinner with my family, and then finished the night off with some reality TV, wine, and my friends. Its amazing what moving twenty feet can do to reinvigorate your life - its something you feel when you change the position of your bed, or even sleep with your head where your feet normally go. I should be the first student and professor of sleepology.

My room is way too big - I feel slightly lost within it. The street sounds are still the same, since the rooms are on the same side of the house, but I still feel as though things are radically different. I still feel like Kevin is going to pop out of the closet or barge through the door, asking me why I'm in his room.

But its already starting to smell like me, and that's the real measure of home, right?

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