Stripper Update

This is a disaster. Just my second week in, and I'm already feeling like I'm going to chew off my face before I can complete the semester. What was I thinking - no - WHAT WAS I THINKING?? 9:15 PM? Really?

My teacher, although he does slightly remind me of my father visually, is "mad as a box of frogs," as Sharon Osbourne might put it. I'd be much happier dropping out and flipping burgers (or better yet, waiting tables) than putting up with this shit. I might just consider it if it weren't for my parents. If, maybe, I weren't so close to the end.

With that, things have been mostly good. This week is looking a little ugly, what with so much school, and so much work, and so much stress regarding trying to pay a third of the bills instead of a quarter, or less, as I was doing before. But I know that things work out in the end, so I'm trying not to worry, and just attempting to have fun in the process.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much, either. Last semester I was in class practically every day, and had plenty of time to update this thing. But as I've been slightly overworked, the blog has suffered tremendously. I'll try and correct this mistake in five weeks, while still keeping some semblance of the old blog alive.

Hope you are well.

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