Stripper Update

I always feared that when I got out of school, I wouldn't update this thing as much, but I guess its happened sooner than expected. Its not that I don't like blogging anymore, or that it was a silly pastime I'm giving up. Hells no. I've been so busy with school and work that its impossible to fit in anything else, really, much less a birthday party that Nati is pulling together for me.

Chores? Forgeddaboutit. I'm usually the first one to jump on cleaning, but not lately. Eating right? Exercising? Its all going out the window. Usually, around this point in the semester, I've cut out certain readings and homework to maximize the time I could be working on more important assignments, but they're ALL important. Every long day of class, in every class, something major is happening. And not a Posh Spice major, either.

Three more weeks, though, then I can stop being boring.

I want to do buttery nipple shots!

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