Charm School 3 Update: Episode 4


Well, at least she made it one more episode than her previous show - Brittaney Star is out of there! Despite her undeniable controversiality, she sure does make graceful exits - as though the producers sedated her for the elimination out of fear for themselves and others.

The episode dealt with treating "thy body as a temple," which none of the girls seem to do on a regular basis (just ask Marcia's pickled liver). The girls were asked to help a group of children burn calories, with the incentive of being safe from expulsion that evening. Divided into three groups of three, Brittanya, Natasha and KO ultimately won. The rest of the girls nominated Brittaney, Ashley and Marcia onto the floor, as alliances shifted in rather shocking ways - Marcia and Bubbles? Ashley and Brittaney? What?

Ultimately, Brittaney got the boot, in large part because of Risky's accusations that she's fake and that she has betrayed everyone in the house.

Eight left! Next one looks good, too!


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