Worst Week Ever?

I know I've used that one before, but I'm pretty sure this week has been catastrophically worst than others I've had. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. And although I'm still kicking and am capable of moving on, it still sucks. Everything about this week sucked.

On Saturday, almost a week ago, I bumped into the oven door at work at burned my right arm. Now, a foot long burn is starting to bubble up, ooze and blister, exposing my flesh to whatever elements want to get jiggy with it. I think I've taken care of it, and people say that it's "looking good," whatever that means.

On Sunday, I come home to find my bike missing. I backtracked in my mind to see if maybe I had taken it to work and forgotten it (I've done that before, with this bike and those of my past). I even asked Jijad to see if he had borrowed it, as he had started to just recently for quick jaunts to meet up with Andy or Karim. Nope. Dan helped me look in the bushes and he found the cut lock tossed carelessly into some tall grass. Bike fail.

It sucks the most because it was the bike Nati got me for Christmas. It had sentimental value, and it was a great bike. The way it was stolen makes it seem as though I was being careless with it, and that I didn't care. It really sucked though, and I'm still very upset about it.

On Monday, I went over to my mom's for breakfast only to find her distraught over a cat that had been run over outside on the street in front of her home. Because she was so upset, I offered to go clean it up, hoping she would decline and say that she didn't need me to do that. She did try to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal, but her feelings about it were pretty obvious, so I got a couple of shovels and took care of it.

It was one of the hardest things I've done in a long time. I cried in the middle of the road. People stared at me, but were compassionate when I looked up at them. They would look away, give me one of those smiles people give when something bad is happening - the one where they press their lips together tightly into a line and try to curl the ends upwards very slightly.

I'm also moving out of the house that I've lived in for nearly two years. I can't believe its even been that long. I need to go over to my mom's to pick up her car so that I can load up the two furniture pieces that I'm taking. Very bittersweet.

I'll update you in a bit.

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