"I Barely Survived" DC Beer Week 2009

This week is DC Beer Week, and yesterday night the Commonwealth had its event - a promotion for Victory brewery in Pennsylvania, with eight discounted Victory beers and food pairings with each of them.

I guess we didn't anticipate such a turnout, because we were extremely poorly staffed. We needed an extra bartender, and maybe even an extra server. Usually, on a busy night at Commonwealth, the bar is maybe three people deep. Last night, it was about seven or eight people deep. It was impossible to get to the bar service station.

However, there was no need to. The bar completely lost control of all of the tickets that the servers were sending in. At one point, the bar was backed up maybe twenty or thirty tickets. Tickets were getting lost.

Th wait was about one to two hours to get a table. People were getting pissed because their drinks were coming out after their food. Our sections were way too big. Scott summed it up beautifully by saying that it was "a complete feeling of hopelessness." I nearly walked out.

On the other hand, I made decent money - money I wasn't expecting as I wasn't even supposed to work last night I also got a phone number from a cute guy at one of my tables. Where was he a year ago? I'm leaving in less than two weeks. Hah.

I've also been listening to a lot of Morrissey again lately. What's up with that?

"The woman of my dreams, she never came along
The woman of my dreams, well, there never was one"

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