I really hate it when dread, the weather, a looming deadline, or anything else makes me wish the future would come more quickly. It usually happens unconsciously, and only identified later on down the road - when you look back in December and wonder where the year went. I'm always waiting for the weekend or for a holiday or vacation or a visit from friends and before I know it, its halfway through the year and I haven't been at my optimal, my most productive. I need to cut that out. I need to remember that every day is a day where anything can be possible.

On that note, things have been good. I FINALLY broke up with Four Loko, the alcoholic and caffeinated beverage my roommate Dana and I have been obsessed with. Over the weekend Davida (who we nicknamed Brittanya) wanted to party Four Loko style with us and brought up the interesting point that the caffeine was removed from them. I checked it out and turns out she's right, which minimized approximately 95% of its appeal to me. Guess its back to whiskey coke and tequila sodas for me.

This week should be an interesting one - over the weekend we're celebrating Light Lindsay's birthday at the St. Regis - probably one of the bougiest birthday celebrations any of my friends have ever had. I'm getting ready to spend a pretty penny on that one, which I'm not too thrilled about. My spending habits have been less than ideal lately.

I guess I am always trying to live life to its fullest and in the moment, especially since realizing how much of 2010 I wished I was elsewhere. Time is running out here in DC and I need to enjoy every part of it - even the bitter cold parts, like the ones I'm experiencing right now. We'll see.

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