Commitment Issues

Its no surprise that I haven't been the most committed blogger as of late. Its something I'm gong to really try and work on in 2011 - I've been managing a blog for almost 10 years now, it would be a shame to fall off the map now.

In any case: Happy New Year! Its crazy to think that I've now lived in 4 decades. Without a doubt that makes me sound and feel ancient. My sister is hyper aware of her age and how "old" she is getting (she just turned 26 last month), but I once heard my friend Sophia's mom say that she's proud of her age, and wears it as a badge of accomplishment. Lots of us don't make it to 24, let alone 26.

Things are really good in life right now. I am back at work, getting shit done (present hour excluded). I want to be more assertive and a better leader here, but the only way that is going to happen is if I really focus and prioritize work. I have to admit for the past 8 months its seemed like something marginal, like school always was. But unlike school, I can't skate by with Bs and Cs - I want to ace everything.

New Years resolutions this year are pretty trite - eat healthier, drink less. No more poppers, which was less of a sex drug as it was a party drug at bars with my friends. I want to eat at home more, too, and revert back to my vegetarian roots, at least most of the time. I want to develop my hobbies once again, which includes blogging in the sphere of writing, but also allots space for joining a soccer team, painting, and bike riding through the city. I don't want to limit my social experience to bars anymore, as it has been for about a year and a half. I'm growing old of it and drinking has stopped feeling special. I want to get excited about bars again.

Friendships have never been better. I spent over a week in California and got to spend some quality time with my sister, Melissa, Angela, Nicole and Sophia. I didn't get to see Amar, Sean, Josh, Ingrid or Tyler, which was unfortunate, but the time I would have spent with them probably would have been rushed and marginal, so its probably for the best. Yesterday I had a great brunch with the Linds(a/e)ys and Amaya, which was amazing. My face hurt from laughing. I ended up walking home smiling, with a belly full of food and love.

I'm also seeing a nice boy named Christopher. Its been going frighteningly well, although I'm a little cautious that his attachment to me may be enhanced by his recent arrival here in Washington, DC. I know I need to have a wall up, at least somewhat, but its so easy to just let myself go and enjoy it. Maybe I'll finally master the art of both. We shall see.

In any case, I guess that catches you up. I look forward to writing more in here in 2011, and I hope you join me for the ride.

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