Antoine Dodson and the American Dream

So, anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with Internet memes. This one, however, has spiraled out of control because of its ridiculous popularity.

This was Antoine Dodson's introduction into the world of the Internet - in interviews since, he has stated that he never in a million years thought his recounting of an attempted rape of his sister would ever be so well-received ... and, well, hilarious.

Here it is:

Now, those nice boys who "Autotune the News" (the Gregory Brothers) became instantaneous fans, and saw an opportunity to create a song out of Dodson's interview. The song became an instant hit, and even sells on iTunes now. Crazy, right? Here's the song:

Amazing. It has since taken it to the next level - that's right, a performance on live TV at the 2010 BET Awards. So proud of you, Dodson, my boy! Watch the performance here, with one of the Gregory Brothers. Love it!

Enjoy! And believe it - dreams really do come true!

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