What Your Facial Hair Says About You

I stumbled across this and thought it was pretty funny and accurate. I mean, if you want to be a total asshole and generalize, that is.

I've included the first analysis, but below there is a link to where I read the article. Pretty good find, I think!


The Full Beard

What You Think It Says About You:
I have written, or am currently writing three to four novels and or screenplays. I think deeply about things, and sometimes I'll just sit and read, because I like reading. Yeah, that's something I do. Is your unkempt hipster vagina moist yet? Plus, despite what my emo-swoop haircut may suggest, I'm comfortable with my masculinity.

What It Really Says About You: a)I never got laid in high school, and used to get the shit kicked out of me, then suddenly realized that if I grew a beard, it hid my nerdy face, b)I've gotten so much poontang in my life that I'm literally TIRED of banging chicks. Now in an effort to see how ridiculous I can make myself and still get laid, I'm growing this. or c)Don't open a package I might send to you, and stay the F off my lawn.

Good For: Lumberjacks, the Unemployed/Homeless, Pyschos, Hipsters

Sentence Heard From This Person: "You should listen to this NPR podcast I downloaded."

Who Sports It:

To get the full article, click here.

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