New Machete Trailer

This is pretty amazing - Robert Rodriguez and company released a special Cinco de Mayo trailer version of Machete - a fake trailer that was released with the double-feature Grindhouse a few years back. This updated version of the trailer includes the timely issue of Arizona's anti-immigration law. Watch it and never stop laughing - like me. Makes me prouder to be Mexican!

To view the original Machete trailer, click here.


CannibalisticJudas said...

that's good stuff.
I am the same gotta love clever mexican's with influence.
you have to admit though this law is perfect! it will show the general populous what we've been fighting for years!
hopefully the ignorance will be known by all.

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

Thanks for the comment! A week ago I said if anything, I was glad this new Arizona bill is making more people talk about immigration. It was an issue I think was forgotten by the Obama administration, and now its been pushed to the forefront.

Hope you are well.