Prince Derek, I Salute You

My friend Derek is the only person on this planet who can write an effective and hilarious "About Me" section. I totally love it. I get all of his jacked up references and all of his sentiments about living and love. If things were different, maybe he and I would have fallen in love. In any case, read this "About Me" section from his profile. Its pretty much amazing.


"I long for someone to make me nervous in the right way. Because I'm secretly at the point where I pretty much wanna get married, get fat, and watch TV. After a while going out takes it toll. When you wake up blurry and bloody and that's the norm, you have to wonder what else is out there... But I'm gonna keep doing it until I find something else. Looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe.

Hit me up and lets haaaang if you feel it or wanna feel it. "

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